About Us

I have always loved playing with frisbees, even as a little kid.  I started playing ultimate frisbee in 1996 in university and started playing disc golf in 1998 when one of my university teammates sold me 3 discs (a Shark, a Cobra, and a Polecat).  He was disc golf rep and had a few boxes of new discs in his trunk.  1998 doesn’t seem so long ago but it means we’re coming up on 25 years of enjoying this game called disc golf.

My wife and I played ultimate for years, going to tournaments all across North America, and we both played on teams that went to Nationals many times. We never played in disc golf tourneys but we would have competitive disc golf games with our teammates.  We played at courses across the country on the way to ultimate tourneys and on courses closer to home on the weekends that we weren’t away. After moving to the Yukon in 2008 we kept playing a fair amount of disc golf but other outdoor adventures with young kids became our focus. In 2020, like many people, we jumped back into playing more disc golf and now our kids are playing with us too. Our family got into dyeing discs in 2021 and that led to ordering custom stamped discs to sell.

Fast forward to today and we’re proud to share this venture with all of you. We are excited to have a place where people can shop for custom dyed discs, a large range of discs from many brands, and quality disc golf bags. Our kids are loving disc dyeing and we love watching their designs come to life.  Most of the dyed discs you see on our website and on Instagram were dyed by the kids.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments please use the Contact Us section here on the website. I look forward to seeing you on the courses this summer.