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sixty point seven

Sixty Point Seven Understable Flight

Sixty Point Seven Understable Flight

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A great group of understable discs. 

Why would a player want to throw understable discs? Here's a few reasons:

  • they don't have a high arm speed and can't get the discs to have that beautiful S curve flight that the see the pros throwing
  • they can throw fast and far but they want to disc to turn to the right while flying on the backhand instead of fading to the left every time.
  • they want to throw a roller and it's easier to use an understable disc for that.

 This Flight includes:

  • Putter: Innova DX Aviar - Purple Disc - Gold Foil - 172g
  • Midrange: Innova Star Mako3 - Yellow Disc - Silver Foil - 168g
  • Midrange/Fairway Driver: Innova Star Stingray - Blue Disc - Green Foil - 149g
  • Fairway/Distance Driver: Innova Star Roadrunner - Green Disc - Purple Foil - 156g

Regular Price for these discs are $110.  Flight price is $95.


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